BleedEqual is a platform that promotes menstruation beyond the socially created idea of femininity and womanhood. Aimed towards menstruation normalization, it transcends across the gender spectrum encompassing everyone who bleeds.

Our Vision

Recognizing the alarming rise in gender inequities, we believe it is pertinent to shape menstruation beyond the predefined social frameworks. For long, menstruation has been synonymous to maternal and reproductive health; however, substantively it has more than one identification. It is a multi-dimensional concept that needs further exploration. The social, political and policy approach towards menstruation has been limited which made menstruation religiously offensive, dismissed as a stigma; fear-based perceptions around menstruators arose; menstrual blood became the most stigmatised human fluid; and gave rise to gender debates that further pushed menstruation behind the veil. Amidst these complexities, what has also been ignored is the menstrual suppression of trans and non‐binary people who menstruate. As a phenomenon essentialized for women it often excludes transgender men and non-binary persons resulting in absence of a conducive environment for them to freely express their experience and needs around menstruation.

Therefore, BleedEqual aims to reshape the prevailing notions around menstruation that are further perpetuating gender gaps, fostering regressive practices and preventing a multi-dimensional discourse around menstruation. This is excepted to change with an all-inclusive-gender neutral menstruation discourse that we aim to shape.

If you consider menstrual health a collective responsibility

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